Our Mission

Qingdao Academy is the first not-for-profit independent school in China, who aims to provide an education of excellence that meets each student's needs.

At Qingdao Academey, we respect all students as individuals, devoting to encouraging, supporting and developing students to be inquiring, active, independent life long learners who value diversity and understand culture of east and west, which can help to make the world a better place.

The Overview of Qingdao Academy


Qingdao academy, embraced by the sea from three directions, is an educational dream harbor envisioned by a young and aspiring teaching faculty. It is born to explore the future education pattern and to improve the current education situation of China. The school aims to become a curriculum development base and a training center for principals and teachers in Qingdao, as well as an incubator of regional quality education. If you’re a firm believer of your own educational ideal and a dreamer of making the real education happen, Qingdao Academy will definitely be your top choice.

The school regards curriculum as its core product and conducts a wide variety of categorical curriculum modules. We furnish elementary course, honors course, advanced placement course and aid course to meet the students’ personalized and diversified learning needs.


Qingdao Academy emphasizes on freedom. Here we allow our faculty members to realize their dream and students to be themselves. Qingdao Academy values diversity. Here we offer various ways of guidance and support to different students. “Students come first” is our sole value, and the growth of every students is where our fundamental interest lies. We care about our students, that’s the very reason we endorse faith in our faculty to make real education happen here and we welcome all those who share our values and sense of mission to contribute to shaping our future via education.

In disciplinary and inter-disciplinary teaching, we not only develop teaching methods in accordance with the students’ competence, we also design a whole new system of assessment and evaluation to minimize the negative effects of examination-oriented education. To optimize the cognitive development of students, we even make constructive attempts to break disciplinary boundaries among science and among humanities subjects in our liberal education phrase. We believe that this will help our students understand the significance of learning beyond the disciplinary perspective and will prepare them for their future as all-round talents.

As mentioned before, Qingdao Academy has young and inspiring teaching faculty, who not only teach students, but also serve as their personal tutors and consultants. They are making real education happen by accompanying them with love and care. So we are not only seeking for teachers for our students, we are seeking for partners to achieve our education mission. We are not only searching for talents who offer the best education, we are also willing cultivate aspiring young educators and envision the better future education with them.

In a word, in Qingdao Academy, we believe that “The best does not come alone, it comes with the accompany of the all”. Hope that you’re the one, and the best comes with the accompany of the all to Qingdao Academy.