The beautiful and breath-taking landscape gave the students great astonishment. They have never seen such strange and wild patterns carved by wind and sand. By carefully observing the environment and interviewing locals, they discovered the unique black sand covering the whole park was actually created by the heating sun and the crazily howling wind.

They knew that the sand was one of the elements that made the Danxia park mysterious and wonderful. By experiencing the wind and sand themselves, the students realized clearly why and how the wind and sand could take down enormous rocks. In fact, the wind was so strong that the students could hardly hold their belongings from being carried away by the wind. 

The students learned a lot from their trip to the astonishing nature park. They learned about the power of the nature. They have learned to fear nature and to treat her with respect. Protecting the environment and its treasures is what they promised to do the rest of their lives. They have also learned that China has great and precious land treasures, that it is they who hold the future of China. They shall fight for the success and rising of China. The students understood their true faith of protecting our country and making it proud.