I was so excited to spend five days in Fujian last month. I think this experience is really meaningful to me because I learned a lot about local cultures and acquired new knowledge about Fujian. And the day we visited earth buildings was particularly impressive.

We spent three hour on our way to the most famous earth buildings in Longyan, but it was totally worthy. In the afternoon, we visited the Qiaofu building, the Chengqi building and the Shize building successively. The guide informed us the history of those earth buildings one by one. After the tour, ten students were divided into two groups. My partners and I were going to interview the owner of the Qiaofu building, who was a wise elder. He introduced his own experience in foreign lands and briefed us how he built the building fifty years ago. At last, the elder said that he was happy to witness the trend that his hometown became more and more prosperous.

This interview experience not only give us access to abundant meaningful messages to write about in our final research report, but also make us aware of the historical development of the local architecture, the earth building. Thanks to our guide and the elder who we interviewed for a precious chance to learn about Fujian better.