YU Xiaoqin, Grade 10


In the basketball match between grade 9 and grade 10 players of Qingdao Academy, the ninth-grade “Doraemon” team lost the game with the score 10:31. One of the team's main players couldn't face the reality.

 In mid-October each year, high schools will embrace their most energetic holiday – the sports meeting. Qingdao Academy is no exception, their sports season is also wonderful.

 The first basketball game of the sports season was held on October 15th, which was a battle between teachers and students. At first the student team had a slight advantage,but soon the teacher team brought on the basketball coach, the situation reversed immediately, and finally the teacher team won the game.

 October 16th was the competition between “Doraemon”, a ninth-grade team, and “No Name”, a coalition team made of tenth grade students and seventh grade students. One of the main players in the ninth grade was blocked tightly by the 10th grade's Wen Zhang, and then the “basketball star” Luan Bokai took charge of the scoring. As “Doraemon” team was newly founded for less than a month, consisting primarily of ninth-grade freshmen, while the "No Name" team was already a veteran one on the field. The lost of the “Doraemon” team seemed inevitable, by the score of 10:31. 

 After the game, the two teams of players shook hands and hugged. After all, “friendship comes first and competition second” is the sole purpose of the sports season.