SHAO Zhanpeng, Grade 10


OnOctober 16th, the center of students' development held a press conference to recruit the co-organizers of student activities. Duringthe conference, the chief organizers of three major activities briefly introduced their themesand published the requirements of different departments. 

 First of all, GE Ruida, from grade seven, launched his traditional culture activity. He wanted to research the family name of all students in Qingdao Academy and establish a database of family names. He also indicated that the origins of different family name were a very interesting and significant part in our traditional culture. Through the activity, he also wanted students to know more about their own family name and family history.

 Then the organizer of the science and technology activity, JIANG Yiru, explained her parachuting competition. In this competition, students needed to design their own parachute and make it with all kinds of material, such as plastic, cloth or paper. And the organizer should set up rules of the competition to determine the winner.

 At last, the most important event, the New Year Carnival, has been introduced. WAN Mayuxuan and GAO Yuan adopted a very inventive approach to launch the event, the cross talk, which made the press conference more hilarious and really attracted the audience’s attention. They were seeking for members of the idea team, the action staff, financial staff, the photographers and so on. 

 I considered this kind of press conference very meaningful. It better familiarized the new students with Qingdao Academy and effectively engaged more people to join the student activities to make their own contributions. During the preparation, students could improve their all-round abilities and achieve comprehensive development.