LIANG Borong, Grade 10


On September 28th, Qingdao Academy ushered its first anniversary of the founding of the school, and at the Opening ceremony, numerous students performed Crazy percussion with environmentally-friendly materials such as ash bins, buckets and paint buckets instead of the real drums.

 During the performance, the expressions on the faces of the performers seemed to be enthusiastic and energetic, since they knocked the ash bins so emphatically that the sound of the drumbeat was deafening. However, nobody felt noisy but enjoyed listening to the music.

 According to the interview of a student who has participated in this performance, she introduced that the reason why they shifted the instrument of drums to ash bins was that they would like to show their gratitude to the workers who persistently contribute to the construction and maintenance of Qingdao Academy, which was spoken highly of by the visitors and leaders. This novel method actually made the ceremony relaxing and enriched the meaning of the performance. After the rehearsal, students virtually reached the consensus that their creativity improved significantly during the training. 

 Furthermore, there were multiple other engaging performances in the anniversary, such as street dancing, wind music, etc. The success of the ceremony not only depended on the well-arranged performances, but also relied on the efforts of the student and teacher participants. Our sweat which sprinkled during the training was watering the flower of success to bloom eventually. On the school day, let's celebrate it and wish Qingdao Academy a brighter future!