CHEN Shuyu, Grade 10


The teacher are singing with students for those constructors and those builders in a cheerful and dynamic atmosphere

September 14thwas the first anniversary of Qingdao Academy. The students of the school composed a song named Summer Vibeto celebrate the day. The song was written and performed for those construction workers who made the school a reality. The atmosphere was very cheerful and moving. Everyone was clapping hands to the rhythm of the music. Upon hearing the song, the construction workers were greatly moved. 

They felt their efforts were all worth it.

According to a student who participated in this event, this song took nearly half a month to be composed and practiced. The performance was organized by students from both grade 9 and 10 and was instructed by their teacher Keta. This adapted song mainly expressed the students' thanks to the construction workers for their dedication and efforts, a genuine demonstration of the motto of Qingdao Academy, namely “Integrity, Gratitude and Love”.

 Xin, the lyrics writer of the song said, “The song aimed to express our heartfelt gratitude towards those who make Qingdao Academy so beautiful. As the school is almost completed and they are going to leave our school very soon, it is the best chance for us to express our thanks.”


The song adapted by the students received positive remarks and added color to the school anniversary. Several singers had sore throat, but they kept singing, because they felt it was such a worthy experience. To satisfy the needs of the performance, one student even learned to play the ukulele very quickly with the help of the teacher, and all students devoted so much to this song, making it a huge success in the end.